Learn the basics of using Toit to get started building your own IoT apps, monitoring your device fleet, easily upgrading device firmware and apps over-the-air, and pulling device data via our external APIs into your own cloud or IoT application.

We'll show you how easy it is to develop IoT apps with Toit, enabling you with more time on focusing building innovative IoT applications, while we'll take care of the rest.

Quick start guide

Let's get started with the basic steps, so that you can see how easy it is to deploy IoT apps on your device with Toit.

Toit firmware

Get an overview of the Toit firmware, the device models and available protocols.

Toit language guide

Learn the new high-level programming language, Toit, tailored for embedded devices.


How do you deploy a long-lived Toit application on your device, as if it was a mobile app being installed on your smart phone? Follow our tutorials to find out.

Drivers and sensors

We show how to work with external sensors with Toit and how to write your own drivers in the Toit language in this section.

Toit API

Use the data from your devices in your own system by understanding and utilizing the Toit APIs.