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Toit CLI cheat sheet#

Action CLI command
Get started
Log in toit auth login
Set up a default device toit device use <name>
Update device to latest firmware toit device update
Reboot a default device toit device reboot
Run and deploy apps
Run a program toit run <file.toit>
Deploy an app toit deploy <app.yaml>
List installed apps toit device ps
Show logs between a time range toit device logs -f 24h -t 5m
Work with a fleet of devices
Update to latest firmware toit fleet update -p <prefix>
Deploy an app toit fleet deploy <app.yaml> -p <prefix>
Work with API subscriptions
Create data subscription toit data subscription create <data type> <subscription-name>
Read a position toit data read <data type> <subscription-name>
Update Toit
Update CLI toit update
Update SDK toit sdk update
Check the Toit installation toit doctor