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Now that you have run a Toit program or installed an app, you can check the device's log to check on the execution of the program, or just to have a look on the system status.

Check the Logs tab or the Humio tab of the device in the Toit console. humiolog

The Log tab of your device shows the recent log entries. Uncheck on the "Show system logs" to filter the logs to only display the ones generated by applications. logsconsole

The Humio tab of the device also display your logs, and provides a web interface to analyze your data or to create alerts when events occur or parameters are exceeded. Get familiar with Humio search query here.

To monitor the device output you can use the command toit device logs. The log will be available next time the device comes online.

You can also open another terminal window and reboot the device with toit device reboot to see new entries being saved in the log.

To get logs from yesterday up until 5 minutes ago, use

toit device logs -f 24h -t 5m

To see the recent logs and wait for upcoming ones, use

toit device logs -f 10m