The ESP32 has integrated WiFi support, and with the Toit firmware and the Toit cloud, your microcontroller can easily be configured to be connected to the Internet via WiFi.

Using WiFi, your microcontroller can be reached within a large radius, but the power consumption can be high, each time the MCU creates a new connection.

The ESP32 cannot connect to 5GHz WiFi network. Use a 2.4GHz WiFi network instead when connecting.

From the Web Serial view in the Toit console, you can either provision (or reinstall) the ESP32 with the Toit firmware and provide WiFi connection settings when clicking the Provision or Reinstall buttons, respectively.

If your device has already been flashed with the Toit firmware and is online and successfully connected to the Toit console via WiFi, it's possible to configure the device with additional WiFi connections from the Configuration tab of the given device in the Toit console.

Also, see the section about device configuration for more information on how to add additional WiFi connnections to a given device using the Toit console.