Manually claim hardware

All Toit devices must be claimed into your organization to be visible in the Toit console, and to be able to communicate with.

Normally, devices are claimed as part of the provisioning step, but that's not a requirement.

If the device wasn't able to connect to the WiFi or the Toit cloud during provisioning, or if the --skip-claim flag was used, then the device is provisioned but still needs to be claimed manually.

After the device is claimed into your organization, only users that belong to the same organization can monitor the device, deploy apps on it, see logs, and change device configurations.

Get the hardware ID

Connect the ESP32 to a computer with a serial connection. It requires 3.3V voltage. The red light indicates that your ESP32 is properly connected.

To get the hardware ID of your device, run the following command with the Toit CLI

toit serial info

The output confirms that the ESP32 is provisioned by printing its hardware ID:

    "name": "",
    "model": "esp32-4mb",
    "hardware_id": "7555c528-9eb9-48d1-a93d-42b4f246f442"

Note that in cases where the ESP32 is unprovisioned, the command does not terminate. Therefore, if the command takes more than 5 seconds to print the device's information, you must provision the device as explained in the provisioning section.

Claim ESP32 into your organization

The ESP32 must be online before you can claim it into your organization. Start by ensuring that the WiFi connection with the correct WiFi credentials, that were provided in the toit serial provision command, is available.

Follow the steps to claim the ESP32:

  1. Connect the ESP32 with a USB cable to your computer.

  2. Get the hardware ID of the ESP32 to be claimed (as described above).

  3. Navigate to the Toit console, and click the "Claim" button in the upper right corner. In the "Claim new" tab, enter the hardware ID (from step 2) of the ESP32 you want to claim. An optional device name can be provided. If left blank, a random name will be assigned to your ESP32.

  4. Click Claim. The device is assigned a device ID.

The device has now been claimed by your organization, and can be viewed in the Devices list from the Toit console.