List of drivers

The list of drivers available in the Toit library, at, and on Github can be viewed here:

bma2x2Bosch accelerometerslink
bme280BME280 environmental sensorlinkWeather station
bmp280BMP280 environmental sensorlink
bmg160Gyroscope BMG160link
bmm050Magnetometer BMG160link
color_tftIL9xxx and ST77xx screenslinkDemo
MAX31865MAX31865 RTD-to-Digital converterlinkSPI
mcp2518fdMCP2518FD CAN FD controllerlinkSPI
mcp342xMCP342x ADC deviceslinkI2C
icm20948ICM-20948 9-axis deviceslinkI2C
hx711HX711 analog-to-digital converterlinkDemo
pixel-stripWS2812B-compatible pixel striplinkDemo
ssd1306Small black-white OLED displaylinkDemo