SPI is a serial communication bus able to address multiple devices along a main 3-wire bus with an additional 1 wire per device.

Toit exposes the peripheral through the serial.protocols.spi library.

import gpio
import serial.protocols.spi as spi

  bus := spi.Bus
    --miso=gpio.Pin 12
    --mosi=gpio.Pin 13
    --clock=gpio.Pin 14

When communicating with a device, a unique chip-select (cs) Pin is used to signal when the chip in question is addressed. In addition, it's important to not select a device frequency that exceeds the capabilities of the device. The maximum frequency can be found in the datasheet for the selected peripheral.

In case of the Bosch BME280 sensor, the maximum frequency is 10MHz:

  device := bus.device
    --cs=gpio.Pin 15