A Toit application is made of a toit file containing the program that will be executed, saved as .toit, along with a YAML file containing the app specification that describes when and how often the application must run, saved as .yaml or .yml.

Toit apps can be deployed on a device using the Toit CLI or directly in VSCode with the Toit extension.

If you have installed the VSCode Toit extension, you should have a Toit logo in the left-hand menu in VSCode. Clicking this logo will bring up a list of your devices. To install your Toit app, press the double-play symbol next to your device name.

If your app specification file is open in VSCode, the app will be deployed immediately. If not, you will be asked to specify where your yaml file is located.

Screenshot VSCode deploy button
Screenshot VSCode deploy button

Any output from your Toit program will be printed to the Output window in VSCode.

An app can be deployed on an offline device, but the app will not be installed onto the device until the device goes online and connects to the Toit console.