Examples, library and tools

Download example programs and the Toit SDK library for the latest released SDK from here.

Or use the CLI to download examples and lib into a directory

toit sdk examples <dir-name>


toit sdk lib <dir-name>

For example, download them in a toit-examples folder on your Desktop with

toit sdk examples ~/Desktop/toit-examples

Visual Studio Code

In Visual Studio Code, open the folder with the downloaded SDK examples with File | Open.

For the SDK library folder, go to File | Add Folder to Workspace... and choose the downloaded library folder to access the Toit SDK library easily from the workspace where you write your Toit programs.

Developer tools

Shell auto completion for Toit

You can read a description of how to install shell auto-completion for macOS and Linux by typing the following command in your terminal:

toit completion <shell> --help

Windows users can use Cygwin to use the Toit CLI auto completion feature.