An ESP32 microcontroller running Toit is referred to as a device. The process of installing the Toit firmware onto the ESP32 is referred to as provisioning, and a provisioned device can subsequently be claimed into a Toit project.

Your device will automatically be claimed into your Toit project, both when provisioning a device using the Web Serial interface and when using the Toit CLI. Manually claiming a device is only necessary if you have an already provisioned device that you would like to claim into another Toit project, or if the automatic claiming failed during the initial setup steps.

Once the device is claimed and online, one or more apps can be deployed onto the device. This can be done from the CLI or by using the Toit extension for VSCode. Apps are installed and uninstalled over-the-air, and these operations do not require device reboots.

A group of devices is referred to as a fleet, and operations like app installations and device configurations can be performed both on a single device or a fleet consisting of many devices.

Once a device is no longer needed in a Toit project, it can be unclaimed. Once unclaimed, the device can be claimed by another Toit project.