Toit devices must be claimed in order to be visible in the Devices list in the Toit console.

When a device has been claimed, it belongs to a Toit project. Only users that have access to the given Toit project can communicate with the device via the Toit cloud.

Usually, devices are claimed automatically as part of the initial provisioning step. If the device wasn't able to connect via WiFi to the Toit cloud during provisioning, then the device needs to be claimed manually when the device is able to go online via WiFi.

Get device online

The ESP32 must be connected to the internet via WiFi before you can claim it into your Toit project. Start by ensuring that the correct WiFi credentials were provided during the setup process.

You can use the Monitor button in the Web serial view to verify whether the ESP32 tries to connect to the Toit console via WiFi or whether it fails connecting.

If connection fails, add the correct WiFi credentials again using the Reinstall button.

Also, if the WiFi connection is unstable, the claim step might fail, so try to use another WiFi, if possible.

Claim device

Manually claim the device into your Toit project by using the Toit console. Go to the Web serial view, if you have connected the device via a serial connection, and then press the Ready button. Choose the serial port that the ESP32 is connected to. When connected, press the Claim button in the upper right corner of the view.

When claiming succeeds, the device can be viewed in the list of devices.