Learn the basics of using Toit to get started writing your own Toit apps, monitoring your device fleet, easily upgrading device firmware and app updates over-the-air, and pulling device data via our external APIs into your own IoT cloud.

Quick start guide

Let's get started with the basic steps of setting up your ESP32 with the Toit firmware, installing Toit development environment, and deploying a simple IoT app on your device.

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Toit language guide

Learn the Toit programming language tailored for embedded devices.

Learn how to adapt Toit packages in your code by utilizing the public available Toit package registry.

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Follow the tutorials to see examples of using Toit with your ESP32 and sensors and how devices can communicate with each other.

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Get an overview of the connectivity options and the ESP32 peripherals supported out-of-the-box by Toit.

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