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Console v1.1.0#

Released on 9 April 2021


  • Added new CLI command toit serial port to get or set the default serial port to use.

  • The default value for device model is now esp32-4mb in the toit serial CLI commands.

Console v1.0#

Released on 29 March 2021


  • Added three new data usage graphs to the device overview tab for monitoring data usage for a single device:

    1) System data, i.e. data produced by the Toit system.
    2) Application data, i.e. data produced by the user’s apps running on the device.
    3) Usage, i.e the total traffic to and from the device.

  • Introduced a new Invoices tab in the Organization menu.

  • In the Organization | Details tab the number of remaining hardware IDs available is listed.

  • Simplified the Device Configuration tab. Removed the "Factory Reset" button.

  • Renamed jobs to apps.

  • Renamed SDK to firmware when it relates to devices.


  • Removed the local Toit console (and the requirement of installing Docker), and introduced a simpler way of using the Toit LSP locally.

  • Added support for initial device provisioning with online certificates with the new command toit serial provision. Every Toit user can now provision new IoT devices. See ESP32 provisioning for documentation.

  • Added support for package management. All package management commands are accessible through the new command toit pkg. See Toit Packages for documentation.

  • New CLI command toit firmware to manage and list online Toit firmware versions.

  • In order to download and manage local Toit SDKs use the command toit sdk.

  • Renamed SDK to firmware when it relates to devices.