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SDK v1.0.2#

Released on 9 April 2021

  • Added the slice operator: list[]. Slices are views into the underlying object. Slices are implemented for Lists, ByteArrays, and strings.

SDK v1.0#

Released on 29 March 2021

  • Fixed Array.sort where --in_place wasn't correctly handled.

  • Added ByteArray literals. They are started with #[ and can only contain bytes. When declared statically, they are stored in flash and use less RAM.

  • Improved syntax highlighting for operator /.

  • Renamed Array to Array_, thus making it private. This class should not be used by developers.

  • Don't allow where A is a constructor call. From now on, constructor calls must be wrapped in parenthesis if they are immediately used as receivers: (A).foo.

  • ByteArray is not a List anymore.

  • float.stringify now always emits a string that can be recognized as float. In particular, it will not emit an integer string anymore. For example, 5.0.stringify now emits "5.0" instead of "5" as it used to do.

  • Remove the requirement that patterns for directory.mkdtemp must end with "XXXXXX".

  • The directory streamer now skips "." and ".." entries.

  • Removed the -I flag of the compiler.

  • Added --background flag to task which prevent the created task from blocking app termination.

  • Removed empty partitions from flashing when provisioning.

  • Added round to float. Floats can now be rounded to another float with --precision or to an int.

  • float.to_int now throws when outside 64 bit integer range.

  • We are now based on esp-idf version 4.2

  • LittleEndian is now named LITTLE_ENDIAN and is used differently (use with import binary).

  • Driver added for VCNL2020 (movement and light sensor).