Bluetooth Low Energy

BLE is short for Bluetooth Low Energy, a communication stack designed specifically for communication between IoT devices that support BLE.

The BLE stack builds on four simple, but powerful, concepts that can be combined to create a wide range of network topologies:

  • Advertising: A BLE device can advertise about itself. The advertisement can contain a list of services and a manufactorer data section.

  • Scanning: A BLE device can scan and discover nearby BLE devices for advertisements.

  • Service: A BLE service is composed by a list of characteristics, exposed by a BLE device as a service.

  • Characteristic: A BLE service attribute containing a value that may be readable and writable from a client.

Example: Heart rate monitor

If you are using the open source version of Toit - optionally through Jaguar - you can find a working example in the source repository. The example simulates a BLE heart rate monitor and can be found here.