Device groups

Artemis allows you to organize your devices in groups. Each group has an associated remote pod reference. This allows Artemis to determine which pod a device is supposed to run.

Device groups are defined in the fleet.json file:

  "groups": {
    "office": {
      "pod": "esp32-wifi@v1.0.3"
    "solar-farm-fr-nce": {
      "pod": "esp32s3-cellular@v1.0.3"

When flashing a device, you can decide which group the device belongs to by using the --group argument:

artemis serial flash --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --group office

From this point forward, the device knows which group it belongs to so if the pod of its group is changed, Artemis will push an update to the device when requested to roll out the changes to the fleet:

artemis fleet roll-out

If the fleet.json file contains a group named default, it is used for any device where you do not specify its group when you flash it.

This is convenient for small homogenous fleets where not having to worry about groups at all simplifies things.

Creating groups

To create a new group, you can edit the fleet.json file or simply use:

artemis fleet group add solar-farm-dk-aar

This creates a new group based on the same pod as the default group. You can optionally specify the pod for the new group by passing a --pod argument like this:

artemis fleet group add solar-farm-dk-aar --pod esp32s3-cellular@v1.0.3

It is also possible to use a non-default group as a template. In this case, the settings for the existing group are copied to the new group:

artemis fleet group add solar-farm-dk-aar --template solar-farm-fr-nce

Deploying to groups

The most common operation on groups is to update the pod they are based on to prepare for deploying changes to your fleet:

artemis fleet group update --pod esp32s3-cellular@v1.0.4 solar-farm-fr-nce

You can also just update the tag and in that case it often makes sense to do it for multiple groups at the same time:

artemis fleet group update --tag v1.0.4 office solar-farm-fr-nce

Once you've updated the pod references in your groups, you can use:

artemis fleet roll-out

to roll out the changes to your devices.

Renaming and merging groups

Renaming a group is as simple as updating its name:

artemis fleet group update solar-farm-dk-aar --name solar-farm-dk-cph

To merge two groups, you can move all devices from one group into the other and remove the empty one:

artemis fleet group move --group solar-farm-dk-aar --to solar-farm-dk-cph
artemis fleet group remove solar-farm-dk-aar